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Updated 2/13/2022 - LMHL Neck Guard - New Rule to be implemented IMMEDIATELY

By Webmaster, 01/24/22, 8:15AM EST


Neck Guard Rule - Update 2/13/2022

The following rule was voted on during the 1/23/2022 Meeting. ALL TEAMS VOTED "YES" TO IMPLEMENT IMMEDIATELY. 

Neck Guards: ALL players (including goalies) who take the ice, MUST be wearing their neck guard(s) properly. The goalie has to have a neck guard plus a gobbler. If a player is caught on the ice (warm-ups or game) without it properly worn, they will be told to leave the game. If it falls off during a play, they should put it back on as soon as possible. This is not a penalty, it is a LMHL rule. (As of 1/23/22)

Please note: The players should be held accountable to dress appropriately for each game.  Coaches, League Reps, Refs, Medics, and volunteers in the Penalty box should be checking. We are working together to prevent tragic accidents as a result of improper wearing of neck guards.