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S&T Bank Arena Re-Opening Plan

By Webmaster, 10/18/20, 11:59PM EDT




Staff will be diligently cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing high traffic areas, i.e. indoor & outdoor restrooms, lobby, common spaces daily & as needed.

Lower traffic areas will also be cleaned at a higher than normal rate

Custodial & Operations staff are trained/certified on how to thoroughly clean, sanitize and disinfect indoor & outdoor facilities to meet current FDA & CDC standards.

Patrons will be provided cleaning materials upon request if they identify a problem area or need to clean a space before using (i.e. lobby table, bleacher seat, etc.).

Organizations will be asked to help staff clean and disinfect during transitions - cleaning supplies will be provided. Cleaning tasks may include disinfecting locker rooms and player benches between practices and games.

Hand sanitizer will be readily available to all patrons.

Social Distancing and Masks - Current State and CDC guidelines

Lines will be displayed on floor 6ft apart to help with social distancing while in line.

Masks will be worn by employees anytime social distancing is not possible.

Patrons must wear a mask in common areas and any time social distancing is not possible. Children (5 and under) or adults with medical conditions are excluded.

Masks can be removed once a patron who is participating in a program or sport enters the area of play. Coaches must wear a mask on the area of play if social distancing is not possible.

Patrons and staff will adhere to posted occupancy levels in all rooms and areas.

The number of tables in lobby will be limited and the number of chairs at each table will be limited to 2 per table unless patrons are from the same household.

Patrons will be encouraged to sit in the bleachers during games, practices, etc. to promote social distancing in a larger area

During transition periods (ice cuts, program start/end) Staff may direct patrons to wait or relocate to promote social distancing in common areas.

Patrons will not congregate in large groups (inside or outside)

Patrons should not linger in building after program, ice time, etc. is over.

Parents are asked to limit family and siblings in the building whenever possible.

Locker Room and Meeting Room Access

Changing rooms will be prioritized for older groups – in most cases changing rooms will not be provided to U10 and U8.

All age groups are encouraged to show up dressed.

Maximum capacity in a locker rooms will be 8 and in the meeting rooms 10 – Organizations will be responsible for ensuring capacity requirements are followed.

Teams will be provided two rooms when possible.

Shower access is not permitted under the current State and CDC Guidelines.

Organizations must call ahead to request meeting rooms and should not expect access on short notice. Meeting rooms are planned to be used as extra locker room space.


Our concession stand will remain closed until CDC and State Guidelines change

Vending machines will remain open and available.


White Township staff will be diligent in enforcing this plan and has the right to remove patrons from the building who do not comply.

The follow steps will be taken:

Friendly reminder

Verbal warning

Removal from the building

Notes for the upcoming season

White Township Staff will need the help of our organizations and patrons to maintain a safe and compliant building. We will be asking organization and patrons to self-police and follow written and posted plans despite personal opinions and inconveniences.

All it takes is one bad photo or upset customer and this facility may be shut down.

We all need to work together to ensure a safe and enjoyable facility.

Current Covid 19 Capacities - Based on State Guidance at 20% Capacity

Ice Rink (Inside the Glass) = 240

Ice Rink Bleachers = 170

Lobby = 100

Locker Rooms = 12

Ref Rooms = 2

Turf Rink = 240

Turf Bleachers = 210

Party Rooms = 15

This Plan is subject to change daily and will be amended based on CDC and State Guidelines.

Ryan Shaffer

Recreation Director